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Streetlight banners add a touch of vibrancy and charm to city streets. These banners, typically made from durable materials like vinyl or fabric, are specifically designed to hang effortlessly from streetlight poles. Whether used to promote local events, celebrate festivals, or showcase community pride, streetlight banners effortlessly infuse life into urban landscapes, turning ordinary streets into vibrant works of art.

Once you choose the perfect banner that fits your needs, and the production is complete- our team of professionals sets out to install them. We start by analyzing the location, determining the optimal height and distance between the poles. With the help of specialized equipment, the banners are securely attached to the street poles, ensuring they withstand various weather conditions. It’s important to align them properly, guaranteeing visibility for pedestrians and passing vehicles. 

Here at Custom Holiday Lights, LLC– we make it possible for you to catch the attention of the community, provide important information, or advertise for all to see. We have expertise in installation, and always have our fleet ready to make your holiday community planning as simple, and smooth as possible!

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