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In Season Minimum: $3,000 (September-February)

Leasing Package Benefits

Over 90% of our clients are a part of our leasing program here at Custom Holiday Lights, LLC because they know that purchasing the individual lighting and decor each year would cost up to 3x as much!

The benefits are endless: you spend less money out of pocket to create the design of your dreams, you’re not committed to the same design each year, and replacement costs, as well as the need for storage, are virtually eliminated.

Our “All Inclusive” leasing package, requiring a minimum of $3,000, includes:

All Product (light strands, wraps, wreaths, etc.)


All Power Cords & Supplies

Maintenance & Monitoring (during the season)


Why Custom Holiday Lights?

Experience and Safety

With over 30 years of experience in holiday lighting and design, we can offer proper estimates that are completely custom to your wishes.

Having that experience also makes us the SAFE choice.  We are OSHA certified and have regular safety meetings with our crew.

Let us, at Custom Holiday Lights, LLC, save you the time and take the pressure out of holiday lighting this year. We are one of The Valley’s top trusted holiday lighting experts. So, before you spend time unraveling those tangled lights or attempting the daunting task of cactus lighting, call us to schedule your FREE consultation. We can lease the lights for your home, outdoor Christmas trees, outdoor landscape, and even create custom garlands and wreaths.

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