LED lights consume less power and last longer.  By 2027, widespread use of LEDs could save an annual electrical output of about 44 large electric power plants (1000 megawatts each) and a total savings of more than $30 billion (energy.gov), but that’s talking everyday lighting.

For the holidays, LED’s can also a better option aesthetically when trying to achieve an icy or contemporary look and NOW even the incandescent warm look!  LED bulbs consume far less electricity than incandescent bulbs and decorative LED light strings, such as Christmas tree lights, are no different. Many people refer to LED white Christmas lights as being “contemporary lights” because of the blue-like light that they give off.  However, warm LED white Christmas lights have just recently been introduced into the marketplace.

Bottom line, LEDs are:

  • Safer: they are are much cooler than incandescent lights, reducing the risk of combustion or burnt fingers.
  • Sturdier: they are are made with epoxy lenses, not glass, and are much more resistant to breakage.
  • Easier to install: Up to 25 strings of LEDs can be connected end-to-end without overloading a wall socket.
  • Larger Investment: Costing up to 43% more than incandescent lights, it’s suggested to only make the investment if new lights are already needed or you just want to enhance your lighting scheme.

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